Open Mic with Secretly Timid : Sobia Khan

Sobia Khan reads her short story, Innocence Lay Dying.

Sobia Khan is pursuing her doctoral degree in Literature from University of Texas at Dallas where she also taught introductory creative writing. Her creative work has been published in Parallax, Sojourn, and Rivers Edge. She has won awards and recognition for her work. At the moment she is working on her first novel and is still dabbling in short stories, her first love.

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Theme song : “I’m the One” by Moris Tepper

5 thoughts on “Open Mic with Secretly Timid : Sobia Khan

  1. Sobia, I love your voice. I thought your story was well paced and loved the connection between the grandmother and the bird. The only thing I would change would be to inform the audience of the setting earlier in the piece. Great job, I am so glad I have such talented friends!

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