Retro Review : The Garbage Pail Kids Movie

Directed By

Rod Amateau

Written By

Linda Palmer
Rod Amateau


Mackenzie Astin
Anthony Newley
Katie Barberi
Phil Fondacaro

Music By

Michael Lloyd

Atlantic Releasing/Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer

Original Release Date : August 22, 1987


‘You can’t change the world by locking it away’

I was sure this movie would be shit. I mean, it did make the rank on more than one “worst movies ever made” lists, it was made in the eighties, and it was made solely to capitalize on a trend.

Honestly though, it wasn’t that bad. I enjoyed this film oogles and joogles more than last week’s She-Devils on Wheels. Ok, so here is the plot. This young man named ‘Dodger’ (Astin) is totally a nerd and is bullied by a group of greasers led by a guy named ‘Juice.’ Juice’s girlfriend is named ‘Tangerine’ (Barberi). She’s a slutty bitch, so naturally Dodger is head over hills in love with her.

Dodger works at an antique shop run by a wizard, and among the antiques is a garbage pail. This garbage pail is home to the Garbage Pail Kids. I was shocked to find that Rush Limbaugh was among them. Photo evidence is below.

So amidst a scuffle the Garbage Pail Kids (GBK) get released and end up saving young Dodger from drowning in the sewer. Fastforward….Dodger learns that Tangerine loves fashion and the GBK are free child labor. The GBK agree to sew a fashion line Project Runway Style if Dodger will help find their other friends (who are locked up at the State Home for the Ugly). They shake on it. Tangerine double crosses the GBK and they end up at the State Home for the Ugly. Dodger and the Wizard break everyone out and tear up Tangerine’s fashion show. The End.

There were some instances of eye-brow raising social commentary. The GBK borrow some sewing machines from the “Non-Union Sweatshop.” The prisoners inside the State Home for the Ugly included prisoners who were either “too fat,” “too thin,” “too pale,” and a cross-dresser who was labeled as “too weird.” Dodger and the GBK were ultimately successful by working together. Although at the time parents were outraged by the film, I found the meaning (it is OK to be different, work together, friendship, loyalty, etc.) to be a great one for children, and the vulgarity (vomit, snot, farts etc.) will also keep them entertained. I’d let my kids watch it. You can watch it too, right now. The Garbage Kids Movie is currently available to stream instantly.


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The Garbage Pail Kids “We Can Do Anything (by working with eachother)”

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