Not the Onion

not the onion

On this week’s episode, Nan, Jon, and Brian are joined briefly by special guest poet/noise artist,  Lauren Belmore (whom you will meet next week). If you would like to aquire Belmore’s chapbook, I Treat Others the Way I Wish I Could Treat Myself, send Lauren an e-mail at [email protected]. It’s a pay-what-you-can- barter/trade situation. Support the arts so your brain doesn’t get eaten by worms and wolves!

The group discusses satire, the Presidential election, and Valentine’s Day. Nan also shares what will forever be known as the “Boyd Rice” situation and ends the show talking about Beyonce.


In honor of Valentine’s day- this week’s featured song is a cover of Huey Lewis’s, Power of Love by Anya Marina



The One Thing Men Can Do That Women Can’t

the one thing

Happy New Year!!! On this week’s show we talk about selfies, Sexy Nev from Catfish, and share a recent e-mail.

This week’s hot topics include :

nightmare and the cat

This week’s featured song is “Be Your Own God” by Nightmare and the Cat