Episode 121 : Who Put the Pussy in the Pussy Pop (clap clap)?

Greetings from the Cat Studio!! On today’s show, the gang (sans Paul) listens to some voicemails from 7th Row Center and Satyr, and answer an email from Dyna Moxie.

Hot Topics include : So, this racist claims his rights were violated when a storeowner told him to leave his store after the racist freaked out when an African-American employee tried to sack his groceries. That was a mouthfull! A Fort-Worth teacher is sentenced to five years in prison after having group sex with her students, A man-sized twelve year old is denied a spot on the pee-wee league due to his size, a woman tattoos her butthole, and Google gives “death benefits” to its employees.

This week’s featured track is “I Wanna Rob a Bank” by Jason Collett. Pre-Order the album, Reckon (available September 25) on his website.


* * *