City and Colour, “Little Hell”

City and Colour

Little Hell

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Release Date : June 7, 2011

Vagrant Records


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Armed with a beautiful voice, electric backing band, and eleven solid songs, City and Colour‘s (AKA Dallas Green’s) long awaited third album, Little Hell, now available for your consumption.

If Little Hell chronicles the joy, confusion, and hopelessness that follows us, the album’s first track, “We Found Each Other in the Dark,” is the hope and promises which begin new love. The song, romantic and waltzy, is a great opener.  “The Grand Optimist” blends thoughtful lyrics with a staccato strum. “Little Hell” continues the folk confessional and leads into lead single “Fragile Bird,” which is pure blues-rock. “Northern Wind,” with it’s sparse strings and light production is reminiscent of the sound for which Dallas Green is known and loved.  With similar themes and narrative, “O’ Sister” may be a sister song to “Fragile Bird.” “Hope For Now” is a stunning closer. ” Dallas Green sings, “How can I instill such hope, but be left with none of my own? What if could sing just one song and if might save somebody’s life.”

Little Hell is complex, heartfelt, and heavy. It is full of vivid imagery and interesting arrangements. While possibly too heavy for an everyday listen, this album is the perfect companion for those dark times.

New Music Preview : City & Colour, “Little Hell”

Photo by Vanessa Heins

2-time Juno award winning musical phenomenon, City & Colour (aka Dallas Green) will release his 3rd studio album, Little Hell, June 7th. We here at Secretly Timid are anxiously awaiting to review it.

We thought…why not share some tracks? So check out the tracks “Fragile Bird” and “Norther Wind” below as well as a behind the scenes look at his video for “Fragile Bird.” We think his voice is truly one of a kind. Be on the lookout for our review of Little Hell in the coming weeks, and go ahead and pre-order the album via iTunes or Amazon.

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“Fragile Bird” Like it? Download it for free.

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“Norther Wind”