Episode 42 : I Summon the Cold of the Arctic Winds

It is Secretly Timid Tuesday and Dallas is frozen. Rather than call in the snow day the cast decided to record via this program called “Skype.” Topics include…um…well…EGYPT, Chik-Fil-A, the Rush Limbaugh/Sen. Leland Yee, Artist Jeff Koons latest performance piece, and Helena Bonham Carter’s fashion. Other topics include Washington University’s decision to cancel Bristol Palin’s speech, Super Bowl craziness, a possible oral sex/cancer link, and this U.S. Map of shame. It’s a snow day! So enjoy this special 2 hour episode. Devyn pops in. Little Andie says ‘hi.’ And Jon got drunk. Don’t judge.

Today’s featured song is “Dirtied Your Knees” by Thrift Store Cowboys