Heat Of The Meat

On this week’s extra special episode of the Secretly Timid Podcast, Megs, Otieno, and Jon are joined by returning guest, Ryan, and extra special guest, video-game designer and artist, Nezu. Nezu shares her experience working in a male-dominated field and how to best communicate with family members with dynamically opposing views. Later, the group discusses the Chicago police department and the abuse of authority.

This week’s featured song is “My Work is Full Of Art” by Pom Poko.

Agony and Eggplants

This week on a very special episode of Secretly Timid, despite being Jonless, Otieno & Sara are back and we acquire two other delightful guests with whom we discuss Texans saying something when they see something, the non-revelation that video games contain misogyny, and that Batman is a useless power fantasy.  Oh and apparently we have no idea how to operate our recording software, so yay editing?

Agony Game Trailer:

Texas launches mobile app to help people report suspicious activity

And Bee Yang.


Photo Credit: Daryl Darko

This week’s featured song is “Scorpion” by Grayceon