Episode 83 : Guess What’s for Dinner

Happy Thanksgiving to our fellow Americans!!! And a big “whaddup” to listener’s outside the U.S.

On today’s super-sized show the cast reflect on Dave Biscella’s awesome review of Secretly Timid for Episode 73 of  Podcast Squared, and play Voice Mail’s from Big C from Bear Crawling Live and Christina from Greetings from Nowhere. Later, the cast talk about lady gabfesty shows like The View, The Chew, and The Talk. Jon and Paul share numerology and zodiac mojo jojo and Danielle is on steroids. The cast also talk about The Walking Dead and American Horror…but the talk is pretty light on the spoilers- so fear not!

Hot topics include : Teens + Tampons + Vodka = ingenious or demented? Real-life weekend at Bernie’s man claims innocence, some German ladies are arrested for stomping mice on fetish films, and a woman is arrested for trespassing all ’cause she wanted to feed some squirrels.

*** Super Special Notes!!!

Check out Dave’s Twilight themed ‘toon here.

If you are in the DFW area and wanna play some free poker, head over to the Brick at 3:00 p.m. and participate in a charity poker tournament benefiting the AIDS interfaith network. Both Jon and Diane will be in attendance, so say hi! Click here for more information.


JON DOES NOT REALLY THINK ALL SCORPIOS ARE DRUG-ADDICTED SLUTS!!! (but all drug-addicted sluts seem to be Scorpios)

This week’s featured song is “Don’t Move” by Phantogram.


* * *