The Elected, “Bury Me in My Rings”

The Elected

Bury Me in My Rings

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Release Date : May 17, 2011

Vagrant Records


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After taking a five-year break from music, Blake Sennett, the dude from Rilo Kiley and the boy you loved to hate on that show from our formative years, Boy Meets World, Joseph “Joey the Rat” Epstein (and he played Ronnie Pinsky on Salute Your Shorts), is back with a new album from his solo project, The Elected.








Bury Me in My Rings, the third full-length release by The Elected, is a fun jaunt through mid-century West Coast rock. The pop album is layered with soulful harmonies, like on the late-‘70s-era Rolling Stones inspired “Babyface,” and relaxing trips to island escapes, with “Trip Round the World” that brings back the unique sound of the ukulele. Then there’s the David Bowie-esque “Go For The Throat,” which could totally become a personal anthem (and it’s already on repeat).

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With simple drums, a grooving bass, and catchy lyrics, Bury Me in My Rings is an uncomplicated, yet refined album that just makes you smile and bop your head. It’s a feel good listen for the summer—a great album for lounging by the pool, driving along the coast, or just chilling.

A side note: four out of the 12 songs are titled after their respective first lines; at least you’ll always know what song you are listening while shuffling through tracks on your iPod.


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