The Walking Dead Episode 4 “The Killer Within” ~ A Secretly Timid Review

Ok, friends…I’ll be honest. I have been slacking something horrible lately. So tonight, I will buckle on down and get caught up on my Walking Dead reviews. I’m going to spoil the shit out of this…so don’t read it unless you want to be spoiled. That means you, Regina.

Part 1: Synopsis –

The show opens with a mysterious person setting up a trail of entrails and such about the prison. It appears he is trying to lure the walkers in a certain direction. Meanwhile, Carol, T-Dog, Rick, and Daryl are clearing out the prison yard while Maggie and Glen bone in the guard tower. Axle and Oscar appear and beg to be let into the group. Rick and Daryl are dicks and say ‘no’ while T-Dog is sympathetic. Meanwhile, Lori and Beth found some crutches for Hershel and decide to take him for a walk. Danger is afoot….

At the same time in Woodbury, Michonne is up to the Governor’s tricks and is ready to get the fuck outta there…but her gal pal Andrea is not as quick to head back out to the zombie zone.

Back at the prison, zombies break into the yard and there are fences between Glen, Rick, and Daryl and the rest of the group who are in harms way. The group in danger all scatter ; Beth and Hershel lock themselves in a fenced-in cell block entrance while Maggie, Lori, and Carl run into another cell block. Carol and T-Dog close the gates…and in doing so T-Dog gets bit. ūüôĀ

Inside the prison Lori’s water breaks, so Maggie ushers her off to a service room. There are complications and she begins hemorrhaging. Bravely, Lori tells Maggie to perform an emergency cesarean√ā¬†knowing she won’t survive. Lori gives a beautiful speech to her son Carl, and Maggie bravely performs the surgery.

Maggie pulls the baby out of Lori and the little baby girl cries. Carl tells Maggie to leave, so he can put his mother to rest before she turns…she does, and we hear the echo of a gunshot.

Meanwhile, Carol and T-Dog are running through the bowels of the prison. A threesome of zombies block their path, so T-Dog sacrifices himself for Carol to run through deeper in the prison.

Outside, the raid sirens screech. The remaining survivors (and Axle and Oscar) run into the prison to silence the alarms. Inside the generator room, Prisoner Andrew attacks Rick and Oscar with an ax. Oscar picks up Ricks gun and shoots Andrew in the face. Rick turns off the remaining generators and head outside to access the damage. The survivors walk past T-Dogs corpse and Daryl sees Carol’s head scarf on the ground and they assume she is dead as well.

Outside, the group of survivors hear a door open and a baby cry. Maggie, the baby, and Carl emerge. It dawns on Rick what happened and he√ā¬†collapses√ā¬†from grief.

Part 2: The Good

  • Everything. This was the best episode of television I have ever seen. Sarah Wayne Callies, Andrew Lincoln, and Lauren Cohan’s performances were spot on.

Part 3. The Bad

  • I’ll admit it…giving T-Dog a point of view and something to do on the same episode of his demise seems a little predictable. It’s like a reality competition show…the second you start to learn more about a competitor you know it’s their last show.
  • Did Carl really have to shoot his mother in the face? C’mon Maggie…
  • I guess Andrew is some kind of maniacal genius. If he was so adept at escaping the walkers, why didn’t he just get the fuck outta dodge? Was revenge really that important? Did he really think he could take a group of armed survivors?

Part 4 : The Final Verdict

5 out of 5. Awesome episode. Bravo!



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