Video Game Preview : Mortal Kombat


First Impressions:

Well, artistically speaking the game has never looked better. Each character has his/her own character animations which gives them a little extra “touch of fancy.” The women have unanimously decided that spike heels are appropriate fighting footwear (including Lt. Sonya Blade), and the men are all chiseled and hairless. The backgrounds are also gorgeous. Check out those carnivorous trees in the Forest stage. The Subway stage and creepy church stage are also looking hot.

The violence is, of course, way over the top and unrealistic. I think it would be cool if the blood was less gushy. I mean, one punch to the face should not cause such a hemoglobous reaction, right? Now, near the end of the fight the gushyness should be 80’s B-Horror movie quality. I am hoping that the characters will show damage in their post fight poses, and the new “X-Ray” feature is utterly gruesome. Anyone remember the movie “Romeo Must Die”? Well, the developers do!

The gameplay appears to be “juggle” heavy. This is the only thing that irks me. I find it cheap and frustrating. I am amped for a return to the 2-D fighting…although I must admit, I did love the ability to slam opponents through walls and such in previous games. The game also includes a tag team mode which is reminiscent of the Marvel Vs. Capcom series. I know, I know…this is trite. It would be fun if you could be on the same team with another human player. Just imagining playing team battles with three of my friends gives me a nerdgasm.

Remember, don’t bring a fan to a knife/gun/fireball fight. The Kombat Kontinues April 19th. Check out the official website here.

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