Call You Out Your Name

This week on a very special episode of Secretly Timid, we’re Jonless and as bleak as always whilst we discuss the various micro and macro aggressions that categorize the modern political era.  Oh, and fat bears because they should totally conform to our body image issues and stuff, right?
Intercepted Podcast: Live from Chicago
Palmer Luckey, Oculus CEO’s donations to Congressman Steve King of Iowa.
HPV Vaccine Approved for Adult Use
Police will be required to report officer involved deaths under now US system
Jeff Sessions orders review of police reforms prompted by high-profile shootings
Jury awards 37 million to family of Korryn Gaines after police killed her in police standoff (the shooting officer was acquitted and later promoted to coporal)
Don’t Call Nikki Haley a Moderate.  She’s an Extremist on Israel, Iran, and Human Rights.
And the fattest bear in Alaska is…
This week’s featured song is, “Stay With Me” by Longwave

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