You Should Not Be Doing That

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In the latest episode of the Secretly Timid podcast, hosts Jon and Megs cover a range of intriguing topics. Megs shares her personal saga of needing to get the crowns in her mouth replaced, delving into the challenges and anxieties surrounding dental work with a mix of humor and relatable moments. The discussion then shifts to the ongoing Karen Reed murder trial, where Jon and Megs provide updates and insights into the case, analyzing the legal strategies, key testimonies, and potential implications of the trial’s outcome. The hosts also tackle the heavy topic of hypocrisy within both the Supreme Court and religious institutions, examining recent controversial decisions and actions while debating the broader impact on society and the often stark contrast between public statements and private behaviors. Additionally, this episode features the song “You Should Not Be Doing That” by Amyl and the Sniffers, with Jon and Megs sharing their thoughts on its energy and relevance to the themes discussed. Whether you’re tuning in for the legal updates, the biting critique of societal institutions, or just some good music, this episode has something for everyone.

Mas Leche

In this podcast episode, Jon and Megs reminisce about the classic board game “Mystery Date” and share nostalgic reflections on dating in the past. They then discuss Megs’ upcoming trip to the UK, exploring her travel plans and the anticipation of experiencing a new culture.

Shifting to modern topics, the duo explores the phenomenon of home tours conducted via Facetime, weighing the pros and cons of virtual exploration. They also delve into the increasing trend of online reclusivity, reflecting on the impact of technology on social interactions.

In a linguistically intriguing segment, Jon and Megs discuss the idea of using the term “rapers” instead of “rapists” and delve into the nuances of language in addressing sensitive issues.

Throughout the episode, Jon and Megs blend nostalgia with contemporary insights, creating a diverse and engaging podcast experience for their listeners.

The featured song of the podcast is I Got Heaven by Mannequin Pussy

Boxing Helena

On this week’s episode Meg is a small business owner, and Jon was so excited his pipes didn’t burst. Well…after this episode was recorded, guess what happened? Topics include the misogyny of “Karen,” post-apocalyptic 80’s movies, and Jami Gertz.

This podcast features Theo B by Sunny Day Real Estate

Putin Poem Pig

On this episode, Jon and Megs discuss Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, an actor’s cringe-worthy poetic response, and a grizzle pup update.

The featured song is Pig by Sparklehorse

Lots of Body Stuff with Special Guest Ryan

On this week’s episode, Jon and Megs are joined by special guest, Ryan. Topics include all the stuff you shouldn’t talk about in public. Pouty penis lips? Butt stuff? Free-balling? Etc.

This week’s featured song is Tohu Wa Bohu by Lord Buffalo

Despair, Parasites, Gasses Out Your Asses

On this week’s episode, Megs and Jon discuss preparing to GTFO, parasites, Ted Cruz embarrassing TX AGAIN, and SBD.

This episode’s featured song is Human Touch by Pond