This Saturday! “Hari Kiri” Opening Reception at CentralTrak. Curated by Danielle Georgiou and featuring Jill Foltz, Tabitha Pease, and George Quartz. PLUS!! A special performance by DGDG

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CentralTrak invites you to witness a series of performances curated by resident Danielle Georgiou. To Die for Performances is a collaboration between performance artists and visual artists.

Harakiri is a ceremonial disembowelment specifically performed in front of spectators. This public self-execution creates a ritual of performance in the act of death. An idea that is at the basis of all performance – every moment you step on the stage could be your last; if you do not leave your soul out there for all to witness, if you do not die with every performance, have you lived honorably?
Commencing April 21st, performances will take place each Saturday night until May 19.

Dan Savage at the Kessler 3*31*2011

Dan Savage is on his way to becoming a household name. He is a frequent guest on MSNBC, Joy Behar, Real Time with Bill Maher, and is one of only a few guests to make Stephen Colbert blush. For the past twenty some-odd years Savage has tirelessly answered sex-related questions via his syndicated advice column and his podcast, the Savage Lovecast. He is currently developing a program for MTV called “Savage U.” Dallas based literary arts group WordSpace, in conjunction with Half Price Books, brought Savage to the lovely Kessler Theater located in the original OC, Oak Cliff.

Like most art scenes, the audience was a buffet platter of all different flavors of human beings. Once you entered the Kessler, a polite gentleman handed you a note card for which to write a question for the man of the evening to answer. The Kessler is a beautiful space; hip yet inviting. Full bars are on ground level as well as the balcony. BF Jimmy and I decided a birds eye view best for the evening, and popped upstairs to sit in one of the comfortable oversized leather chairs. Local celebs and friends like Dr. Venus Opal Reese, Slam poet Rock Baby, the scoundrel Jeremy Matthew Connors, and the regal Nan Little were all in attendance.

Savage took the stage fashionably late with a thick stack of note cards in his hands. For the next two hours he answered each one. The questions ranged from “how do I get over “the ONE?” to “How do I tell a hookup I am HIV positive?” The night was more light than heavy, but he did not shy away from discussing such heavy issues like the solvency of Social Security.  All in all, Savage held us all in the palm of his muscular hands. Check out some videos of the event below. You can purchase his books on and retailers everywhere.