Episode 1 : The Cast that Goes Boom

The very first double-sized episode featuring Jill, Jon, and Diane. The tiresome trio discuss all that shalt never be discussed: abortion, religion, sex education, vajayjays and karaoke. No teabaggers were harmed during the recording of this podcast.

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One thought on “Episode 1 : The Cast that Goes Boom

  1. None of us are political pundits and I def. fall prey to the telephone game and blubber through life unable to remember specific names, dates, and times…but the O’Keefe/Acorn offended me so deeply that I had to do some fact checking.

    Here is a detailed account of the fraud committed by O’Keefe :

    Also, Acorn as entity was not re-branded, but separate groups that were once part of Acorn have since splintered off and re-branded.

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