Episode 134 : Grow Up

Let us all welcome special guest Kyle Kondas to Secretly Timid!

This week’s hot topics include : a woman runs over her husband for not voting, a woman in Ireland dies after being denied an abortion, an ABC affiliate mistakenly airs a photo-shopped cover of General Petraeus’s bio cover, Pat Robertson says something stupid, and a milk truck offers breast feeding mommas a safe place to lactate.

This week’s featured song is All of These Igloos by Jan

Be sure to check out Kyle’s shows Tech Tards and MC2


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One thought on “Episode 134 : Grow Up

  1. Great show and episode. You have found a new fan, or however you say “I’m now a fan” that doesn’t sound egocentric.

    I love quotes and drop them often, sometimes from philosophy or religion or movies, but usually music. I have never updated my Facebook page, though, with a quote I just heard on a podcast … until today.

    “Privilege is blind to its own existence. People with power generally know they have power, but people with privilege don’t know they have privilege.”
    Thanks for that, Nan!

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