Episode 142 : Disgruntled White People


This week’s hot topics include :

midnight magic
This week’s featured song is Walking the Midnight Streets by Midnight Magic


This week’s podcast pick is The Game Night Guys. It’s no secret that Secretly Timid and the Game Night Guys have been flirting with one another from across state lines. Brian and Curtis are most excellent hosts and you would do well to listen in on their shenanigans. It’s your move! Let’s kick this pig!

Episode 134 : Grow Up

Let us all welcome special guest Kyle Kondas to Secretly Timid!

This week’s hot topics include : a woman runs over her husband for not voting, a woman in Ireland dies after being denied an abortion, an ABC affiliate mistakenly airs a photo-shopped cover of General Petraeus’s bio cover, Pat Robertson says something stupid, and a milk truck offers breast feeding mommas a safe place to lactate.

This week’s featured song is All of These Igloos by Jan

Be sure to check out Kyle’s shows Tech Tards and MC2


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