Episode 62 : Saddle Up!

What a difference a day makes. On this week’s episode Diane is in bandages, Danielle wrecks her car, Jon contemplates makeup, and Paul facebooks. Hot Topics include : a woman drives into a swamp (because the GPS told her to), a study finds that homophobic men are aroused by gay porn, another study reveals what people believe makes one a good husband/wife, a Portland man urinates in the cities water reservoir (and costs the city $33K to drain),  a Bald Eagle drops a baby deer on a power line causing one hell of a blackout, a NY Times interactive graph will tell you how many other households are like yours, and a Florida based performance artist hugs his father for 24hrs in the name of art…or something.

This week’s featured song is “Credit Card Babie$” by MEN.


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