Episode 81 : Draw Me, Greg Burney

Congratulations to Greetings from Nowhere on their win at the Podcast awards!

On today’s show Jon talks babies, sexual her ass meant and play a voicemail from Bear Crawling Nations Live host, Big C.

Hot topics include : an artist decides that the inside of a rotting horse carcass would make for a perfect setting for a portrait, another artist (wink wink Mr. Burney) vows to sketch his first 3,000 followers (*note : Jon rescinds his “bullshit move” comment),  an anti-bullying law allows bullying (with religious, “moral” reasons), and a 10-year old Floridian beats the shit out of her teacher.

This week’s featured song is “Darkness, Darkness” by The Daredevil Christopher Wright



* * *

Episode 73 : Stalking A Vampire

Good Day to you, kind sir. It’s still blistering hot in Big D, lucky for us we have our double D’s (Diane and Danielle) to cool us off! On this week’s show Paul stalks a vampire, Danielle plays You Don’t Know Jack, Jon swears to never again say, “retarded,” and Diane leaves early. Hot topics include: An Angry Birds theme park opens in China, a bank robber posts incriminating photos on FaceBook, a woman calls her ex 65,000 times. a Swedish Elk loves getting fucked up, Serena Williams is up to her old tricks, and a Floridian vampire bites an elderly homeless man in the face.

This week’s featured song is “Polish Girl” by Neon Indian. Neon Indian’s latest album, Era Extraña, is out today! He is set to perform in Dallas at the beautiful Granada Theater Sept. 24th.



* * *






HumpDay Funny : Man explains to WFTV News why he loves the Orlando Police Department

Back in June several volunteers from the Food not Bombs group were arrested after hosting a buffet for the homeless in an Orlando park. Weeks ago the public protested the arrests. There was one man on the other side of the protest line who apparently supported the Orlando Police Department…


Episode 62 : Saddle Up!

What a difference a day makes. On this week’s episode Diane is in bandages, Danielle wrecks her car, Jon contemplates makeup, and Paul facebooks. Hot Topics include : a woman drives into a swamp (because the GPS told her to), a study finds that homophobic men are aroused by gay porn, another study reveals what people believe makes one a good husband/wife, a Portland man urinates in the cities water reservoir (and costs the city $33K to drain),  a Bald Eagle drops a baby deer on a power line causing one hell of a blackout, a NY Times interactive graph will tell you how many other households are like yours, and a Florida based performance artist hugs his father for 24hrs in the name of art…or something.

This week’s featured song is “Credit Card Babie$” by MEN.


Episode 61 : Basically Amazing

On this week’s show, Diane talks PhotoMojo, Jon talks Weiner, Danielle dances again, and Paul is planning a party. This week’s news blabber includes : one girl’s sweet sixteen is crashed by 1500 uninvited guests, roads closed in Georgia so that the zombies may walk, a California treasure hunter vows to find Bin Laden, Harold Camping suffers a stroke, a contortionist thief gets caught in Spain, and a Floridiot shoots her boyfriend through the heart…and are still together.

This week’s song is “Baby it’s your Life” by John Gold.

Episode 45 : Keep Calm And Carry On

“Twelve stories high, made of radiation.” On Today’s show, Jon and Jill share memories of early children’s television and then bicker while Diane dusts off her 12 gauge. Topics of discussion include a bill which would allow students to carry guns on college campuses, Rahm Emanuel posting a $2,500 bounty to discover the identity of a twitter imposter, a crime-fighting DNA spray, and a man who finally got that darn knife surgically removed from his head after being stabbed 4 years ago. Other topics include one homophobe’s hypocritical tattoo and what one woman will do if you steal her girl scout cookies.

This week’s featured song is “Smarter” by Eisley. Their next album, “The Valley” will be released March 1st.