Monday NerdGasm : X-Men Anime Teaser Trailer / The Walking Dead Video Game

Good Monday true believers! Here is a sneak preview to get your nerdy bits tingly. Over the weekend Anime studio Madhouse (Hello Kitty & Friends) released a teaser trailer for an upcoming series based on Marvel’s X-men. So far only 12 episodes have been announced and network G4TV will air the show sometime in 2011. No news yet on whether episodes will be subtitled or dubbed. So far reports say that the series will follow the X-men reuniting after the death of a teammate to save Armor, who has been abducted in Japan. The identity of the fallen teammate is still a mystery…but my money is on Jean Grey, ’cause she is always dying. Kinda embarrassing. For more information check out The Escapist.


Our favorite zombie comic and television program is getting the video game treatment. In an interview with IGN, series creator Robert Kirkman spilled a bean or two on this and on AMC’s second season. He didn’t say much, but he did say that he hope for fan favorites Michonne, Tyrese, and Hershel to appear on screen. The video game is still in the earliest stages of production, so we don’t know what sort of game it will be. My guess would be something similar to Mass Effect or Dragon Age; lots of action but the game’s true focus will be on storytelling and consequences for choices made. The game is slated for release this fall.

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