99% Trump Free

Well, we tried.

On this week’s show, Otieno is late, Jon is frustrated, and Regina made some new friends.

Hot topics include Big Brother, Hollywood casting/race, a man entering the ladies event at the World Series of poker, Rob Kardashian’s revenge porn, and Andrew Garfield’s recent comments. Oh, and an Australian actor’s comments.

This week’s featured song is “You’re so Fine” by Kitty, Daisy, and Lewis

Monday NerdGasm : The Amazing Spider-Man Trailer

Ok. Ok. So the Tobey M. Spider-Man was released in what…2001? If you ask me it is still a little too early for a reboot. But…gotta say this trailer looks pretty swanky. Andrew Garfield feels very Peter Paker-y and Emma Stone is in everything, so of course she was cast as Gwen Stacey. Seriously…Emma, take a vacation. Enjoy the trailer below. The film hits theaters July 3, 2012.