Monday Nerdgasm : Freddy Krueger DLC in Mortal Kombat

Those who know me know that I grew up watching A Nightmare on Elm Street. I was one of those weird kids who LOVED Freddy Krueger. I loved him so much, in fact, that I got put in “time out” in kindergarten  for play A Nightmare on Elm Street with my classmates. Turns out that the teacher didn’t like my pretending to kill other kindergarteners. What a bitch. Well, one of my childhood fantasies comes true this Tuesday when Midway releases the Freddy Krueger DLC pack for Mortal Kombat. Loyalist will be peeveed that this version for Freddy is from the remake that his theaters a few years back and not the version Robert England made famous. Here’s hoping that England’s version will be released as an alternate costume down the line. And I know, I know…he has two gloves….but such is the limitations of a 2D fighter. Still, he looks awesome and I am stoked for the DLC pack. If you wanna play…our XBox Live name is SecretlyTimid. The DLC pack will be available for download August 9th.