Hair And Things

In this episode of Secretly Timid, hosts Megs and Jon dive into their recent personal adventures and share some entertaining anecdotes.


  • Megan’s Bad Haircut: Megs opens up about her latest hair disaster, sharing the details of what went wrong at the salon and how she’s coping with the aftermath. Expect some laughs and relatable moments as she recounts the story.
  • Jon’s Poker Tournament: Jon talks about his thrilling experience playing in the World Poker Tour’s “Gargantuan” event. He proudly shares his accomplishment of finishing in 45th place, describing the highs and lows of the competition and what it’s like to be part of such a prestigious tournament.
  • Featured Song: The episode features the song “Dirty Disco” by Nikka Costa, adding a groovy and energetic vibe to the podcast.

Tune in for a mix of humor, personal stories, and great music on this episode of Secretly Timid!