Hair And Things

In this episode of Secretly Timid, hosts Megs and Jon dive into their recent personal adventures and share some entertaining anecdotes.


  • Megan’s Bad Haircut: Megs opens up about her latest hair disaster, sharing the details of what went wrong at the salon and how she’s coping with the aftermath. Expect some laughs and relatable moments as she recounts the story.
  • Jon’s Poker Tournament: Jon talks about his thrilling experience playing in the World Poker Tour’s “Gargantuan” event. He proudly shares his accomplishment of finishing in 45th place, describing the highs and lows of the competition and what it’s like to be part of such a prestigious tournament.
  • Featured Song: The episode features the song “Dirty Disco” by Nikka Costa, adding a groovy and energetic vibe to the podcast.

Tune in for a mix of humor, personal stories, and great music on this episode of Secretly Timid!

Give Me Names

AI generated summary :

Title: Navigating High School and Bitching About the Patriarchy

In this episode of Secretly Timid, hosts Jon and Megs are joined by Aaron for a candid discussion about their high school experiences and a shared frustration with the patriarchy. Reflecting on their formative years, the trio delves into the highs and lows of navigating adolescence, touching on topics like friendships, crushes, and societal pressures. With humor and honesty, they recount memorable moments and reveal the challenges they faced while coming of age in a world shaped by patriarchal norms. From dissecting gender stereotypes to sharing personal anecdotes, Jon, Megs, and Aaron offer listeners a glimpse into their past while shedding light on the ongoing struggle for gender equality. Tune in for a lively conversation that’s equal parts nostalgic and empowering.

This podcast features Haircut by Finom

In Retrospect

Disclaimer : The following description was AI generated and is laughingly not accurate!

Join Jon and Megs on a whirlwind journey through Megs’ European vacation, where picturesque landscapes collided with unexpected twists, including a battle with the flu.

But it’s not just about travel tales; Jon and Megs dive into a nostalgic trip down memory lane, reminiscing about growing up in the 90’s. From slap bracelets to Tamagotchis, they explore the cultural touchstones that defined a generation.

However, amidst the laughter and nostalgia, there’s a sobering concern looming on the horizon: the upcoming presidential election. With candid discussions about their worries regarding the political climate and the potential outcomes, they navigate the complexities of modern-day politics.

Throughout the episode, the featured song “Bullet of Dignity” by Fat White Family sets the tone, blending seamlessly with the anecdotes and reflections shared by Jon and Megs.

Tune in for a captivating blend of travel escapades, nostalgic reflections, and heartfelt conversations about the state of the world, all wrapped up in the infectious energy of Jon and Megs’ dynamic banter.


“Creamy Cheer, Ghostly Frontiers, Bussy Buzz, and the Battle of the Blinding Light”

Summary: Megs and Jon dish out a flavorful episode of Secretly Timid, starting with their latest culinary delight, Chobani hazelnut creamer. From taste tests to creative applications, the duo adds a creamy layer to the episode’s mix of topics.

Transitioning into the paranormal, the hosts explore the age-old question: “Are ghosts real?” Ghost stories, personal experiences, and a dash of humor create a spirited conversation that keeps listeners engaged.

Amidst ghostly tales, Megs vents about her frustrating neighbors. The security light blazing into her living room sparks a lively discussion about the trials of neighborly living, adding a relatable twist to the episode.

Intertwining their ghostly exploration with a candid reading of a scathing podcast review, Megs and Jon respond with wit and resilience, adding a layer of self-reflection and authenticity to the episode.

In a lighter moment, the hosts discuss the cultural phenomenon of gay men affectionately using terms like “bussy” and “pussy” to describe their anatomy. The open and lighthearted discussion showcases their commitment to understanding and embracing evolving language within the LGBTQ+ community.

The episode wraps up with heartwarming Christmas stories, offering a personal touch to the holiday season. Whether it’s culinary delights, ghostly adventures, neighborly frustrations, or personal anecdotes, Megs and Jon create a warm and inviting atmosphere, leaving listeners eagerly anticipating the next flavorful and spirited installment.

This podcast features Sugartown by Shitkid

Skirts and Salads

In this episode of Secretly Timid, hosts Megs and Jon dive into a diverse range of topics that are sure to captivate and provoke thought. The conversation kicks off with an exploration of the spine-chilling world of horror films. Megs and Jon share their favorite picks, dissecting the elements that make these films truly terrifying and memorable.

As the episode progresses, the hosts take an unexpected turn into the realm of culinary delights, discussing the concept of “sloppy bottoms.” This lighthearted and humorous detour adds a unique flavor to the episode, showcasing the hosts’ ability to seamlessly blend serious discussions with moments of levity.

The conversation then takes a thought-provoking turn as Megs and Jon tackle sensitive subjects such as abortion and religion. The hosts approach these topics with empathy and an open-minded perspective, fostering a space for meaningful dialogue that encourages listeners to consider various viewpoints.

Wrapping up the episode, Megs and Jon share their experiences and insights on traveling. Whether recounting memorable adventures or offering travel tips, the hosts provide a delightful conclusion to an episode that seamlessly weaves together the spooky, the amusing, and the contemplative.

Listeners are sure to be entertained and enlightened as Megs and Jon navigate through this eclectic mix of topics, leaving them eagerly anticipating the next installment of Secretly Timid.

This podcast features Skirts and Salads by Shelf Lives

No Is Just A Slow Yes

On this extra special episode Jon and Megs are joined by the singer of historical music, Peter. Topics include dreams, Dallas, and exploring your sexuality.

This episode features Good Lookin’ by Dixon Dallas

Asking For It


On this episode Jon and Megs are joined by poet Donovan Hufnagle. Donavan’s fourth poetry collection, ​Raw Flesh Flash The Incomplete, Unfinished Documenting Of. Other topics include Megs’ wedding, tattoo negotiations, and dinosaur feet.

The featured song is Asking For It by M(h)aol

Boxing Helena

On this week’s episode Meg is a small business owner, and Jon was so excited his pipes didn’t burst. Well…after this episode was recorded, guess what happened? Topics include the misogyny of “Karen,” post-apocalyptic 80’s movies, and Jami Gertz.

This podcast features Theo B by Sunny Day Real Estate