Not That Simple

not that simple

Happy New Year!

On this episode of Secretly Timid, Nan, Jon, Brian, and Jermy interview DGDG founder and former full-time co-host of Secretly Timid, Danielle Georgiou, about her upcoming artivism performance called, Not That Simple.

The one-night only performance is this coming Thursday, and is free to the public (although donations are encouraged). Please, join us and learn more about the people seeking abortions in Texas.

For more information about Not That Simpleclick here 

For more information about Danielle and DGDG – click here

Other topics include proper flatulence ettiquette, Jon’s cat being in heat, and artist Megumi Igarashi being arrested for her vagina art.


This week’s featured song is, “Poor Handwriting” by AudioOpera


Oh, Conneticut

Oh, ConneticutJust one more week until Vegas!!

This week’s Hot Topics include:

Oh!! And don’t forget to Support Nan’s TEA Fund bowling team!!

slothrustThis week’s featured song is Crockpot by Slothrust


Direct Flight to Iraq

Direct Flight to IraqJon, Nan, and Brian are joined by special guest, Ryan Obermeyer. They also answer some listener emails and Nan does some, “Nanspaining”

This week’s Hot Topics include:

AniThis week’s featured song is, “Woe be Gone” by Ani Difranco