Episode 50 : Sugar High

We’re 50! On today’s episode, Paul returns, Jon turns 30 and drinks Chardonnay, and Diane and Jill eat lots of candy. Hey! Look! Funorexic is now in Urban Dictionary.  Pole-Dancing for Jesus twirls up a little controversy in Texas. Over in Florida, one community is protesting in hopes of forcing one young girl with a severe allergic reaction to peanuts out of the public school system. Speaking of expulsion, Dallas Cowboy Dez Bryant gets ejected from the North Park Mall in Dallas by the fashion police.

This week’s featured song is “Twilight” by Jim Ivins. His EP, “Late Night Drive” is now available via iTunes and Amazon.

Jim Ivins, “Late Night Drive”

Jim Ivins

Late Night Drive

Official Website

Release Date : March 22, 2011

Available via iTunes and Amazon.com





In a world saturated with bubblegum poptarts, young artists like Jim Ivins is a welcome breath of fresh air. Ivin’s five-track EP, Late Night Drive, is surprising both lyrically and sonically to ears familiar with his other act, The Jim Ivin’s Band. Sonically, he is stripped down to the essentials so that his words take point.

Ivin’s voice is reminiscent of Ben Folds in the tune of Chris Carrabba, and it’s A-plus on this EP. Subjects covered through song include introspection and existentialism (which all twenty-somethings go through) to the very personal experience of losing a parent. Although a general feeling of malaise hangs around this album it does not weigh it down. Like the title suggests, it is reminiscent of taking a late night drive to clear one’s head.

Preview the track “Twilight” below and tune in to next Tuesday’s podcast for the audio review.

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