Episode 50 : Sugar High

We’re 50! On today’s episode, Paul returns, Jon turns 30 and drinks Chardonnay, and Diane and Jill eat lots of candy. Hey! Look! Funorexic is now in Urban Dictionary.  Pole-Dancing for Jesus twirls up a little controversy in Texas. Over in Florida, one community is protesting in hopes of forcing one young girl with a severe allergic reaction to peanuts out of the public school system. Speaking of expulsion, Dallas Cowboy Dez Bryant gets ejected from the North Park Mall in Dallas by the fashion police.

This week’s featured song is “Twilight” by Jim Ivins. His EP, “Late Night Drive” is now available via iTunes and Amazon.

Episode 35 : X Offender

Burrr….it’s cold outside…

On today’s episode of Secretly Timid the gang focus on faith and security. News stories include The Phelps clan’s Elizabeth Edwards funeral protest, whether or not this baby is cute or creepy, and further discussion on last weeks atheist bus-o-rama. We also discuss one filthy apartment and one man’s peculiar huffing choice, Equality Texas’ newly released polls, a NC teen’s death and TSA security flaws. Oh, and the gang play a game called “Guess who lives near the most sex offenders.” Paul won. P.S. Jon graduates Saturday and kisses academia goodbye.

Today’s featured song is “Devils” by Say Hi.

Episode 19 : Paul eats Pie

On our first Secretly Timid Tuesday the cast discusses typo vigilantes, new entries to the New American Oxford Dictionary (aka the other good book), and a possible z-list celeb sex tape. The show ends with a discussion of weird objects removed from weird places. Oh, and Paul eats pie.

Today’s featured song is “Pictures Collected” by Salim Nourallah.

Episode 18 : Asteriks

Pretty boy Stanton Stephens fills in for Paul Tran as the quartet take on in-flight baby slapping, Starbucks lingo, and words we didn’t know we were mispronouncing. They also discuss the untimely death of Dr. Frank Ryan and answer a listener question about long distance crushes. And later Diane tosses around racist pet names.

The featured song for today’s episode is “Ozark Empire, or a Snake Oil Salesman Comes to your Town” by Listener Project.

Highlight of Jill’s Summer (And Possibly Diane’s, Too)

The RaceTrac Freefill Cup is easily one of the best things that has happened to me this summer.

This little plastic vessel has been a minister of love and harmony during the long, hot days of June and July in Texas. For only $6.99, I have scored the ability to help myself to unlimited refills of soda and frozen drinks through Labor Day weekend. In return, RaceTrac has secured every tank of gas I have purchased in that same time (and that’s a lot of gas, since I’m teaching summer classes 30 miles from my house!). Additionally, the big RT has benefited from my recent addiction to Reese’s Pieces and ReeseSticks, which I purchase exclusively in conjunction with Freefill stops. I suspect I have eaten my weight in those things this past month.

Moments after we recorded Episode 12, Diane was also initiated to the sacred fellowship of Freefills. We enjoyed 22 oz. each of (Diet) Dr Pepper in the RaceTrac parking lot, and marveled at our ability to “go out for drinks” in such a fun and thrifty manner. At last check, D had already gotten double her money’s worth out of the deal, and RaceTrac nabbed at least one fill-up of her trusty Buick.

Thus, I salute you, RaceTrac, for your brilliant marketing ploy. While in previous summers I distributed my love of carbonated beverages amongst your competitors (64¢ 32oz. drinks from QuickTrip, $1 drinks at McDonald’s, and Sonic’s half-price Happy Hour), my patronage has now focused exclusively on your fine establishment. I am fully aware of the consumer-corporate exchange at work here, and perfectly at peace with it. I would buy gasoline anyway; I would consume dentally-nightmarish quantities of Dr Pepper anyway. You have claimed my business and my heart. At least until September 6.