Parasitic Love Vine

On this week’s very special episode of Secretly Timid, Jon talks about the River Series and videos games, Megan discusses slaps and spitting in the face,and special guest Brian Harmless tolerates aforementioned subjects.

This week’s featured song is “OMG!” by Yelle

Episode 59 : Diagnosis Gone

On today’s show, Danielle demonstrates proper one-armed push-up technique, Paul goes to the drive-in and Jon finishes 2nd in a poker tournament. News stories include: a Baylor student arrested for whackin’ off into a passed-out friend’s mouth, a Floridian arrested for whackin’ off on an airplane, and an outbreak of horse herpes forces rodeo queens to ride stick ponies. The trio also discuss things not to say in polite company, how one study proves cultured men are healthy and happy, and how another study finds women are less sexually attracted to happy men.

This episode’s featured song is “Safari Disco Club” by Yelle.