You Should Not Be Doing That

**AI Generated Summary**

In the latest episode of the Secretly Timid podcast, hosts Jon and Megs cover a range of intriguing topics. Megs shares her personal saga of needing to get the crowns in her mouth replaced, delving into the challenges and anxieties surrounding dental work with a mix of humor and relatable moments. The discussion then shifts to the ongoing Karen Reed murder trial, where Jon and Megs provide updates and insights into the case, analyzing the legal strategies, key testimonies, and potential implications of the trial’s outcome. The hosts also tackle the heavy topic of hypocrisy within both the Supreme Court and religious institutions, examining recent controversial decisions and actions while debating the broader impact on society and the often stark contrast between public statements and private behaviors. Additionally, this episode features the song “You Should Not Be Doing That” by Amyl and the Sniffers, with Jon and Megs sharing their thoughts on its energy and relevance to the themes discussed. Whether you’re tuning in for the legal updates, the biting critique of societal institutions, or just some good music, this episode has something for everyone.

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