Blood Pressure

On this week’s extra-special episode, Jon and Mags are joined by returning guest Christopher Mosley. Topics include death threats, influencer culture, vine, poker, the “lifestyle,” and blood pressure.

This week’s featured song is, “A Good Friend’s Handshake” by Will Fox

Little Baby Guys

On this week’s show Jon and Megs talk about new kittens and old sex offenders. Hot Topics include Sarah Huckabee Sanders exit as press secretary, sending unsolicited d-pics will soon be a crime, a Netflix problematic prank show, snap-chat filters aiding in catching sexual predators, and a 32,000 year old wolf head.

This week’s featured song is “All the Black” by Cat Clyde

Stormy Weather

There was a really wild storm in Dallas, y’all!! We’re talking downed trees…power lines…the works!! This week it’s just Megs and Jon- topics include menstruation, Mortal Kombat, abortion, and vacations.

This week’s featured song is “Too Late Pt 2” by Washed Up Rookie

Siri Makes Me Nervous

On this week’s episode, Jon experiences loss, Megan kills bugs, and Ryan teaches children.

Hot topics include the Game of Thrones finale, impeachment, whether you disclose your child is a sociopath to their significant other, and processed food.

photo credit: Jordan Smith

This week’s featured song is “People Say Things Change” by local band Air Review.

Or Whatever

On this week’s special episode of Secretly Timid, Jon wins a poker tournament, Megs eats at Chili’s, Otieno gets passionate about anti-abortion legislation, and special guest Ryan has a difficult altercation with a neighbor.

Some light reading material:

The Russian “Fire hose of Falsehood” propaganda model

Agnotology and Epistemolical Fragmentation

This week’s featured song is “Hotel Last Resort” by Violent Femmes

From Top to Bottom

On this week’s special episode of Secretly Timid, Jon gets offered a new position and Megs goes to a party. Hot Topics include a measles outbreak at the Avengers movie and some tomfoolery with student loans.

This week’s featured song is “Firesmoke” by Kate Tempest


On this week’s podcast, Jon gets flooded, Megs gets interviewed, and Otieno gets a massage. Hot topics include facial recognition may have led to a false arrest, a feminist interpretation of the Medusa myth, and whether or not incarcerated people should have the right to vote.

This week’s featured song is “LOVE&JETT” by Guitar Wolf

Impeachment Not Just For Bl*wjobs

On this week’s extra special episode, Otieno volunteers at Planned Parenthood, Jon gets sick, and Megan meets someone in “the lifestyle.” Hot Topics include disparate justice and impeachment.

photo credit : Vivian Black

This week’s featured song is “Sensitive Demon” by Grim Streaker

Every Road Leads To Winstar

On this week’s very special episode, Otieno wants to learn to play guitar, Jon levels up, and Megan discovers the, “Terrible, Thanks for Asking” podcast. Hot Topics include the prison-industrial topics, manwhohasitall clothing, and the case that began with three naked women at a rest stop ends in a high-speed chase.

This week’s featured song is, “Somebody to Love” by Thunderpussy


On this week’s extra special episode of Secretly Timid, Jon cries, Big Ang goes to Vegas, and Megs gets help pulling her hair back. Hot Topics include the fact men are still referring to women by the men they are with and evidence of the big bang.

Photo Credit: Jordan Corso

This week’s featured song is “I Hate Living in the City” by The Mystery Lights