Mas Leche

In this podcast episode, Jon and Megs reminisce about the classic board game “Mystery Date” and share nostalgic reflections on dating in the past. They then discuss Megs’ upcoming trip to the UK, exploring her travel plans and the anticipation of experiencing a new culture.

Shifting to modern topics, the duo explores the phenomenon of home tours conducted via Facetime, weighing the pros and cons of virtual exploration. They also delve into the increasing trend of online reclusivity, reflecting on the impact of technology on social interactions.

In a linguistically intriguing segment, Jon and Megs discuss the idea of using the term “rapers” instead of “rapists” and delve into the nuances of language in addressing sensitive issues.

Throughout the episode, Jon and Megs blend nostalgia with contemporary insights, creating a diverse and engaging podcast experience for their listeners.

The featured song of the podcast is I Got Heaven by Mannequin Pussy

Any Hole Is A Goal

Hey all you silly rabbits and right hand arm men! It’s a brand new episode of Secretly Timid. Topics include Boeberting in the theater, Allen Carr’s recovery books,the Berenstain Bears, and setting realistic goals!

This podcast features, Baby I Call Hell by Deap Vally

Welcome Back! Bidets, New Careers, and Chinchas

We are back! Topics discussed on this episode are bidets, bedbugs, and career changes. Gun safety, the Jan 6 committee, and Ezra Miller are also discussed.

Punk Rock Loser by Viagra Boys is the featured song

Cawthorn, Roe, Yeast Infection?

We are back! On today’s episode, Jon, Megs, and special guest Patrick discuss Madison Cawthorn, Roe V Wade, and someone you least expect has a yeast infection? Additional discussion includes Korean travel and beauty standards.

Photo Cred : Cristina Bercovitz

This episode’s featured song is Say the Name by clipping.

Putin Poem Pig

On this episode, Jon and Megs discuss Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, an actor’s cringe-worthy poetic response, and a grizzle pup update.

The featured song is Pig by Sparklehorse

Wooly Mammoth, Elizabeth Perkins/McGovern, Vaccination Hesitation

On this week’s all new episode, Jon and Megs discuss the possibility of bringing the Wooly Mammoth back from extinction, continued vaccination hesitation, and a “is it Elizabeth Perkins or Elizabeth McGovern?” prop bet.

This week’s featured song is Call In Sick by Billy Nomates

Amish Voicemail

On this week’s extra special episode, Megs and Jon are joined by extra special and handsome guest, Yacob. Topics include Brad Renfro or Brendon Sexton III, Ryan Adams, and circumcision.

/Breaking News!!! We are doing something a little different with the featured songs of the week. From now on, the SOTW will be curated by either Megs or Jon. Megs is up this week, and her SOTW is “Your Dog” by Soccer Mommy. Enjoy!

Funny Business

On this week’s special episode, Jon and Megs discuss caloric burn during sex, doms with dude-bros dialects, and never letting go.

This week’s featured song is Push Now by Southern Avenue

Clear Is My Favorite Color

On this week’s episode, Jon and Megs are joined by returning special guest Chris Mosely. Topics include Panel Discussions, preferred pronouns, riptides, and city-living VS. suburbia. Oh, and we have a corrections corner!

This week’s featured song of the week is American Queen by Ronna Reason