No Is Just A Slow Yes

On this extra special episode Jon and Megs are joined by the singer of historical music, Peter. Topics include dreams, Dallas, and exploring your sexuality.

This episode features Good Lookin’ by Dixon Dallas

Say Hi To Your Mom

Megs and Jon are back! Megs attended a living room concert w/ Say Hi that Jon meant to buy tickets to! Surprise! Other topics include 3-D printer houses, wearing shoes with no socks, and kitchen word art.

The featured song of this week’s podcast is Run Baby Run, by Demob Happy

Too Deep

Topics include student loan relief, lip stains, the debt ceiling, Aimee Mann v. Ice T, and foreign exchange students banging their host moms.

This episode features Too Deep For The Shallow Pocket by Tracy Bonham

Get In The Hole

Live from Ft. Worth, it’s Secretly Timid! Can’t really remember what was discussed. Does anyone even read the description anyway? Just for fun – if you do – tweet something at us.

Featured song of this podcast is Well-Dressed, by Hop Along