Alexander : Truth (White Arrows Remix) + Videos

Just in time for the weekend, download White Arrow’s remix of Alexander Ebert’s hit song, “Truth.” (Click to download)

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While you are at it, check out this video of Alexander and his band performing “Truth” in Austin at SXSW.


…and here is a truly beautiful music video for the track “A Million Years.” Directed by Benjamin Kutsko.

You can purchase Alexander Ebert’s self-titled debut via iTunes.

Alexander, “Alexander”



Vagrant Records

Release Date : March 1, 2011

Available at Amazon and iTunes

I am so glad it is 70 degrees in Dallas,  because Alex Ebert’s debut solo album, Alexander, is perfect for sunny, breezy weather. Most of you probably know Ebert’s work as lead singer/songwriter/messiah of the incredibly popular Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. If you are a fan of those guys, chances are you will love this album.

photo courtesy of Vagrant Records

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Episode 46 : Eat Before You Come

Chirp, chirp. Here is the lowdown on Episode 46 : Diane, Jon, and Jill talk Netflixx, sleepover etiquette, Portlandia, and Paula Dean. Diane used to be a little dribbler.


Breaking news includes Christina Aguilera being arrested for PI and Texas Woman’s University being under lockdown due to a “shooting threat.” Other topics of discussion include “Baby Gaga” ice cream, the identity of “Mayor Rahm” being revealed (kinda a letdown), a Voodoo sex ceremony causes a fatal fire, the Cragslist Congressman’s other searches, Anonymous hacking the shit out of Westboro Baptist Church, and an anti-gay pastor caught tugging his turkey in a park while children were present.

It is Kim Kardashian Vs. Paris Hiltion on this week’s Twitter Face-Off. Which vixen ends up on top?

Today’s featured song is “Truth” by Alexander. His self-titled debut is out today!! Pick it up on iTunes and Amazon.

You may know him from his other band, Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros. They just released the 3rd of a 12 part video series called “Salvo!” Check it out below.


Their song “Home” was featured in this video


Music Preview : Alexander Ebert

Hey Guys and Dolls,

Our friends over at Vagrant Records just sent us some tunes from Alexander Ebert. We like what we hear. In fact, Jon liked it so much that he did two cartwheels and attempted the chinese splits. It didn’t end well. Here are two tracks from Ebert’s debut album. Expect a full review in the next couple of weeks.


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“Million Years”

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