Episode 49 : Hot Pocket

What is that sound? Why it’s the howling wind bashing against my single pane window. On today’s show (that was chock full of technical difficulties) Jill, Jon, and Diane gab about one Texas man’s new face, a gay porn company suing bit torrent thieves (what if this outs closeted teens?), and one woman’s amazing vagina. Seriously….54 bags of heroin….31 empty baggies, prescription pills AND $51.22? I think I know where we can find the lost ark, Indy. Oh, and check out this fun literal map of the world.

It’s a battle of SNL alum as Kevin Nealon takes on Steve Martin on this week’s Twitter Face-Off. Who will survive? Listen to find out.


This week’s featured song is “Honey” by Caleb Jude Green.

Episode 47 : Girls Just Wanna Have Guns

…and by girls, we mean Diane. On today’s show Jill, Diane, and Jon chit-chat about guns on campus and Sarah Palin. News topics include this super-fun caravan of doomsday peeps (hopefully you don’t have big plans for May 21st), a flight attendant getting fired for placing a toddler in the overhead compartment, students being suspended (and in one case expelled) for writing that their teacher was a pedophile rapist on Facebook, a list of “ugly/hot” actors, and Cheaters invades a game of kickball. This week’s Twitter Face Off is between Charlie Sheen and Jill’s conscience.

This week’s featured song is “Young Throats” by Parenthetical Girls.

Episode 46 : Eat Before You Come

Chirp, chirp. Here is the lowdown on Episode 46 : Diane, Jon, and Jill talk Netflixx, sleepover etiquette, Portlandia, and Paula Dean. Diane used to be a little dribbler.


Breaking news includes Christina Aguilera being arrested for PI and Texas Woman’s University being under lockdown due to a “shooting threat.” Other topics of discussion include “Baby Gaga” ice cream, the identity of “Mayor Rahm” being revealed (kinda a letdown), a Voodoo sex ceremony causes a fatal fire, the Cragslist Congressman’s other searches, Anonymous hacking the shit out of Westboro Baptist Church, and an anti-gay pastor caught tugging his turkey in a park while children were present.

It is Kim Kardashian Vs. Paris Hiltion on this week’s Twitter Face-Off. Which vixen ends up on top?

Today’s featured song is “Truth” by Alexander. His self-titled debut is out today!! Pick it up on iTunes and Amazon.

You may know him from his other band, Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros. They just released the 3rd of a 12 part video series called “Salvo!” Check it out below.


Their song “Home” was featured in this video


Episode 44 : The Circus

On today’s show the cast talk about Valentine’s Day, the Grammys, and last Saturday’s art opening at 500x. The cast then get political and anticipate the 2012 election circus. News topics include (and are limited to) this luxury hotel which has been taken over by squatters. Then Jill pits Tila Tequila against Adrianne Curry in this week Twitter Face Off.

The featured song for this week’s episode is “Bhang Bhang, I’m a Burnout” by Dum Dum Girls