…Something Crazy Happened in Texas

something crazyWhat’s up, true believers!?

On this week’s episode, Nan, Jon, and Brian talk about Joss Whedon’s exit from Twitter, whether Black Widow was “damselled” in the latest Avenger’s movie, the protests in Baltimore, some crazy stuff that happened in Texas, and two stories of women behaving badly.

A PaThis week’s featured song is,Empire by Ambrosia Parsley.

Episode 143 : What Some Would Call Lies

143I’d rather be fishing.

On this week’s episode, Jon and Brian fight, Jon snaps at Nan, Danielle witnesses a bicylist hit by a SUV, and Nan reviews the female condom. You know, the usual.

This week’s Hot Topics :

image_lower_resThis week’s featured song is, “Losing the Holiday” by Ambrosia Parsley. It is off her new E.P., I Miss You. I Do. You can download the E.P. for free by visiting Paste. Ambrosia used to front the awesome band, Shivaree. Check out the awesome music video for their song, “Goodnight Moon” below. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h1V89-fI4po[/youtube]

This week we proudly recomend you check out the podcast, What Some Would Call Lies. It’s hosted by Mr. Mike Lawson. He’s charming. He’s witty. He’s handsome. And, he may be a liar.