All Apologies

This week on a very special episode of Secretly Timid we catch up on the catastrophes that our culture continues to be consumed with.  We discuss whether or not to give Michael Rapport the benefit of the doubt,  how the Department of Education’s efforts to ensure debt slavery remains a thing, and how men manage to continue to be unaccountable trash.

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This week’s song is “Blood Keeper” By Speedy Ortiz by way of Liz Phair

Episode 69 : Foul Monkey

Happy Secretly Timid Tuesday folks! Jon, Paul and Danielle welcome special guest Jeremy Prince to the cat studio. The quartet catch up with Diane who is currently Between * Here & Cool, and then dive right into some hot topics. This week’s hot topics include : a new drug can kill any viral infection, a jet blue passenger urinates on a young girl, a FaceBook petition asks Bert and Ernie to make it official, the more educated you are = you spend more for booze, and some pet lovers push to allow their pets on restaurant patios while a new law gives diners a “buffer zone” from beggers.  Other topics include Project Runway, the Iowa straw poll, Rick Perry, and Texas Legislation.

Photo By : Andria Lindquist

This week’s featured song is “Old Habits” by Hot Bodies in Motion. Pick up their album, Old Habits on iTunes!