All Apologies

This week on a very special episode of Secretly Timid we catch up on the catastrophes that our culture continues to be consumed with.  We discuss whether or not to give Michael Rapport the benefit of the doubt,  how the Department of Education’s efforts to ensure debt slavery remains a thing, and how men manage to continue to be unaccountable trash.

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This week’s song is “Blood Keeper” By Speedy Ortiz by way of Liz Phair

Here Comes Your Man

On this week’s episode, Otieno is late, Megan is Yiddish, and Jon is a gold digger. Hot topics include…well…let’s be honest; the news has been real rough…so we talk about it for a bit and then talk about dicks.

This week’s featured song is “Ten Tables” by Goon


Shame Bags

On this week’s episode Megan, Regina, Jon, Cindy, and Otieno discuss the ethical implications of implanting microchips in your children which swells into a discussion on the value of circumcision. Hot topics include the attempted terrorist attack in Asheville, North Carolina. Was race a determining factor on why it wasn’t widely reported? Then the cast discuss sexual harassment and the Harvey Weinstein fallout.

This week’s featured track is “Bad Boys” by Secretly Timid favorite, Cardiknox.