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This week on a very special episode of Secretly Timid we catch up on the catastrophes that our culture continues to be consumed with.  We discuss whether or not to give Michael Rapport the benefit of the doubt,  how the Department of Education’s efforts to ensure debt slavery remains a thing, and how men manage to continue to be unaccountable trash.

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This week’s song is “Blood Keeper” By Speedy Ortiz by way of Liz Phair

Episode 151 : People Be Trippin’



151Happy Secretly Timid Sunday, Y’all! (Or Monday) (Or whenever you choose to read this or hear us).

On this week’s show Harmless is still out of town, Danielle has an allergic reaction to something, Nan decides not to wear deodorant, and Jon feels the need to defend Walking Dead’s Andrea.

This week’s Hot Topics come courtesy of Greg, Alexi, Joe, and Mindy! Yay for them!! The topics discussed include :

skyThis week’s featured song is Featherlight by Skye




This week’s podcast pick of the week is I Can’t Believe I’m a Loser. Check em out!


Episode 150 : Severed Heads

SONY DSCIt’s Sunday!

On this week’s installment, Danielle is BACK!!! She shares her experience in California and Nan tells us all about her planned parenthood trip last week. The trio listen to a voice mail and respond to an email and talk a little Walking Dead and a little Project Runway.

This week’s Hot Topics include :

rosco bandana

This week’s featured song is Feels Like Alabama by Rosco Bandana

madOur podcast pick of the week is Mutant-A-Day!!! You like the X-Men? This is a podcast for you!



Episode 141 : Winks and Smileys


Good day, sir and madam. So we didn’t win the Podcast Award…but we won your heart! On this week’s show, Danielle is sick, Nan thinks anorexics are hard to work with, and Brian is full of analogies.

This week’s hot topics include :



This week’s featured song is Ghosting by Lucius


Episode 136 : Happy Endings

Happy Secretly Timid Tuesday! On today’s show, Nan returns from Spain!

This week’s Hot Topics include : 2 women fight over a sex toy, a follow up to a local story regarding an alleged rape in which a reporter loses his job for criticizing the publications treatment of the victim, 4 female soldiers file a lawsuit over the pentagon’s combat exclusion policy, a man sues his wife over their “ugly” baby, and drive-in “Sex Boxes” are to be installed in Switzerland. 

This week’s featured song is “Peach Blossom” by Eels. It is off their album,Wonderful, Glorious . The album will be released February 5, 2013!

We hope you all have a great week!

Episode 132 : And Such As…

On this week’s episode of Secretly Timid, Jon is hungover, Dani wears big glasses, and Nan and Brian get smart about stuff.

This week’s hot topics include : some zombie costumes are way too convincing, UK kids are mistakenly given cocaine rather than candy on Halloween, a Highland Park High Schooler’s rape arrest sparks interesting discussions, and Mike Signorile says something stupid.

This week’s featured music is “Set Fire To Your Friends” by The Box Tiger.

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