Girlfriend in the Refrigerator


On this week’s episode of Secretly Timid, Nan, Brian, and Eamon are joined by special guest Heather Alayne Morgan. The quartet discuss all things Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Topics include- feminism, fandom, and the shows impact on current television. Also, there are some minor spoilers for shows like Jessica Jones and the 100.

amberThis week’s featured song is Fading Lines by Amber Arcades 

…i guess someone didn’t like the clam dip

clam dipOn this week’s episode of Secretly Timid…well…I forgot what we talked about.

iva-dawnThis week’s featured song is The Only One by Iva Dawn


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Humpday Funny : Bandwagon

Folks may remember Emma Caulfield as the bunny-phobic, former vengeance demon Anya on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Jill definitely remembers her as Susan from Beverly Hills, 90210. Years ago she produced and starred in a mockumentary called Bandwagon, which was written and directed by Karri Bowman. Last year she released the full length film on YouTube in 8 min. long “episodes.” Well, episode one is this week’s HumpDay funny. Check it out below. And check out YouTube channel Bandwagonification for the rest of season 1…and season 2 is expected to air later this year. Holy Frijole!