Sister Dynamite (Quarantine Episode)

On this week’s quarantine episode, Jon and Megs talk about greed, remorse, and etymology.

Photo Credit: Denée Segall

This week’s featured song is Sister Dynamite by Alice Bag

Hilly Got A Gun

hillygotagunOn this week’s episode, Nan, Brian, and Eamon sit down and chat with Dallas artist Hilly Holsonback. The discussion included her latest show, “Acoustic Nerves” being shut down by the city, politics, the Dallas Art Scene, and that time she walked through the city in a diaper.



This week’s featured song is “Big Head” By Spookyland

…i guess someone didn’t like the clam dip

clam dipOn this week’s episode of Secretly Timid…well…I forgot what we talked about.

iva-dawnThis week’s featured song is The Only One by Iva Dawn


justin theroux bulge1

Groovy Granny

Groovy GrannyWhat’s up? Nan, Jon, Jermy, and Brian talk about some stuff- OH, and Brian was late….again.

This week’s Hot Topics include:

Julian MoonThis week’s featured song is Good Girl by Julian Moon



Vadge Status

Vadge StatusHoly shitballs. My mixer broke. So we recorded the show on my iPad. Sorry for the sound quality…should have a new mixer by our next show! Oh, and we totally started to use that MEERKAT app- so we live streamed the show too!

This week’s Hot Topics include:


This week’s featured track is “Greasy Mind” by Slug




Shart Week

Shart WeekGuess who sharted? No, seriously…out of our cast…guess who sharted. This episode Nan, Jon, and Brian Harmless talked about recent controversies surrounding Sean Penn, Russell Tovey, and Patricia Arquette. They also talk about the movement to finally get a woman on the $20 bill. Oh- just for fun…what are your top 3 choices for women on the $20- also…how about a new slogan for the First Baptist church in Dallas? E-mail us at [email protected]

Ghostpoet-006This episode’s featured song is Off Peak Dreams by Ghostpoet


Omelette Baby

O Baby

Good morning/afternoon/evening. What’s up! This week’s episode is super fun! Jon, Nan, and Danielle are joined by author Merritt Tierce! Her novel, Love Me Back will be released September 16, 2014! You should buy it!

This week’s Hot Topics include:


Pride 48 Live! 2014 Edition

abd-3-31-2014 They LiveDid you catch Brian and Jon on Pride You didn’t??? Well, then, here you go!

Hot topics include:

Plus! The two answered chat room questions and talk Orange is the New Black.

Cody ChesnuttThis week’s featured song is Gunpowder on the Letter (feat. Gary Clark Jr.) by Cody ChesnuTT


Episode 153 : Tropes Vs. Beaver Fever

153Did you catch the Season Finale of the Walking Dead? Jon is in mourning.

On this week’s show- Jon’s co-worker Jimmy fills in for Danielle who is in New York City. The cast answers some e-mails and takes to facebook to talk about what some of our listener’s wanna talk about. Oh, Jon and Harmless drink some wine. This leads to Jon nearly blowing everyone’s eardrums out. Whoops.

This week’s hot topics include :


And here are the feminist frequency videos  commented on (and the reaction video reacted on.)



le sexoflex

This week’s featured song is “Procrastibate” by Le Sexoflex. Go and grab their album. Pay what you can!!!