On this week’s episode, Jon, Nan, and Brian are once again joined by special guest Ryan Obermeyer! There is some quick Fair talk, and a 5 min review of Project Runway and The Walking Dead.

This week’s Hot Topics include:

acid baby jesus

Acid Baby Jesus in Greece

This week’s featured song is Row By Row by Acid Baby Jesus


Episode 153 : Tropes Vs. Beaver Fever

153Did you catch the Season Finale of the Walking Dead? Jon is in mourning.

On this week’s show- Jon’s co-worker Jimmy fills in for Danielle who is in New York City. The cast answers some e-mails and takes to facebook to talk about what some of our listener’s wanna talk about. Oh, Jon and Harmless drink some wine. This leads to Jon nearly blowing everyone’s eardrums out. Whoops.

This week’s hot topics include :


And here are the feminist frequency videos  commented on (and the reaction video reacted on.)



le sexoflex

This week’s featured song is “Procrastibate” by Le Sexoflex. Go and grab their album. Pay what you can!!!