Episode 153 : Tropes Vs. Beaver Fever

153Did you catch the Season Finale of the Walking Dead? Jon is in mourning.

On this week’s show- Jon’s co-worker Jimmy fills in for Danielle who is in New York City. The cast answers some e-mails and takes to facebook to talk about what some of our listener’s wanna talk about. Oh, Jon and Harmless drink some wine. This leads to Jon nearly blowing everyone’s eardrums out. Whoops.

This week’s hot topics include :


And here are the feminist frequency videos  commented on (and the reaction video reacted on.)



le sexoflex

This week’s featured song is “Procrastibate” by Le Sexoflex. Go and grab their album. Pay what you can!!!



One thought on “Episode 153 : Tropes Vs. Beaver Fever

  1. Hi Jon, Nan, Brian, and Danielle!

    So…about that finale of Walking Dead…
    It was pretty freakin’ awesome. Jon, I’ve said this a million times, Andrea did some things that earned her some hate. She was still fucking the Gov’nah AFTER she saw the Zombiequarium and knew he was batshit crazy. To what level of crazy, she might not have been fully aware, but she did know. That’s what made me irritated with her. Until then, I agree, she really wasn’t doing anything wrong. Who WOULDN’T have sexed up Shane?!? You saw him naked. Sign me up twice! She shot Daryl. Bad, but forgivable since it was a mistake (and one the writers had to fix with a PR tour). I felt bad for her and nerdy scientist in the finale.
    And some special “I told you so’s” to Jon. Daryl is not going down anytime soon. Too much awesome in one character. Neither is the Gov’nah. Daryl has to make him hurt a LOT for Merle. Before long, Rodriguez and the other Black guy are gonna have to choose between the Gov’nah (and I say it that way because I can’t get his British accent out of my head), and surviving without a crazy person.

    Hi Nan! Sorry to sneak more Walking Dead talk in, especially since I missed Project Runway this week. I saw a bit of Stanley being a dick to Tu and felt bad for Tu about a hot minute before I remembered…Tu got booted out early. Rein him in and make his stuff look good! Although, I do think if he wins, Stanley will have an Asian sweatshop producing his clothes and have no problem with it. Upside: Mad Men (and Jon Hamm’s prominent penis) begins tonight! Woo hoo!

    Danielle, thanks for the thumbs up (Awww…too soon. #RIPRogerEbert) on Cindy Sherman. Will be going soon.

    And Brian…here’s hoping you get a break in between all that poontang you’re getting.

    Looking forward to actually meeting you all (with chocolatey baked goods in hand). Have a great week!


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