Episode 114 : Scientological Apocalypse

Hidey-HO! One today’s show, Todd Steinberg joins Jon and Danielle for a round table of gelatinous jibbery-do. You may remember Mr. Steinberg for his animated pilot, Don’t Tell My Wife I’m a Cult Leader. Well, he fills us in on where his project is and asks us what our weapon of choice would be in the coming zombie apocalypse. Danielle shoots a video…wherein she is covered in icing and wears a sheep’s mask. Jon isn’t nearly as interesting this week, BUT he did co-host Bitches Be Trippin’ – and Ms. Lala Zigfried is interesting enough for the both of them.


This week’s hot topics include : TomKat calls it quits, a recent SCOTUS ruling has half of the U.S. shaking their fists, and a cop dies during a 3-way, and his widow wins a $3million lawsuit.

This week’s featured song is Bad for Me by Brendan Benson. It is off his album,What Kind of World.


* * *


Episode 36 : A Very Merry Secretly Timid

We wish you all a Happy holiday season. On today’s episode, Jon talks about what he saw during his graduation (it’s smaller than a bread box) and praises the restaurant Urban Crust. Also, Jill, Jon, and Diane take an online quiz that is supposed to guess your generation and discuss the retrial of Billy the Kid and debate healthcare. The gang later discuss how one man has been cured of AIDS and share their Christmas plans.

Today’s featured song is “All You Do is Crazy” by Fate Lions