“Creamy Cheer, Ghostly Frontiers, Bussy Buzz, and the Battle of the Blinding Light”

Summary: Megs and Jon dish out a flavorful episode of Secretly Timid, starting with their latest culinary delight, Chobani hazelnut creamer. From taste tests to creative applications, the duo adds a creamy layer to the episode’s mix of topics.

Transitioning into the paranormal, the hosts explore the age-old question: “Are ghosts real?” Ghost stories, personal experiences, and a dash of humor create a spirited conversation that keeps listeners engaged.

Amidst ghostly tales, Megs vents about her frustrating neighbors. The security light blazing into her living room sparks a lively discussion about the trials of neighborly living, adding a relatable twist to the episode.

Intertwining their ghostly exploration with a candid reading of a scathing podcast review, Megs and Jon respond with wit and resilience, adding a layer of self-reflection and authenticity to the episode.

In a lighter moment, the hosts discuss the cultural phenomenon of gay men affectionately using terms like “bussy” and “pussy” to describe their anatomy. The open and lighthearted discussion showcases their commitment to understanding and embracing evolving language within the LGBTQ+ community.

The episode wraps up with heartwarming Christmas stories, offering a personal touch to the holiday season. Whether it’s culinary delights, ghostly adventures, neighborly frustrations, or personal anecdotes, Megs and Jon create a warm and inviting atmosphere, leaving listeners eagerly anticipating the next flavorful and spirited installment.

This podcast features Sugartown by Shitkid

Episode 188 : Business Pants

188We’re baa aaack!

On this week’s episode, Jon, Dani, Nan, and Brian catch up.

This week’s hot topics include:

erinmckeownpressThis week’s featured song is Itsa Very Queer Christmas by Erin McKeown.


Episode 139 : Merry Christmas, Thunderdome

139Merry Christmas!

On today’s show Jon and Brian are hungover and Danielle wears a super fun sweater.

Hot Topics include :

 139Santa Is An A**hole by Erin McKeown.

Episode 135 : Damn Nan Fan

Howdy folks!! Are you ready for an all-new, available exclusively on Secretly Timid. com episode of Secretly Timid?? On today’s show, Tech Tard Kyle Kondas fills in for Nan (who is on holiday in Spain). Jon shares grim premonitions with Danielle and the crew talk sports.

This week’s Hot Topics include : Raven’s Wide Receiver Jacoby Jones says something to a sideline reporter that ruffles some feathers, a new survey says 45% of Americans are over Christmas, a lawyer defending a known anti-gay group is arrested on child porn allegations, a woman calls the cops on a Salvation Army bell ringer, and a school rewards students who tell the best “white lies.”

Be sure to check out Kyle’s shows Tech Tards and MC2

This week’s featured song is Winter by Maps and Atlases.


Episode 36 : A Very Merry Secretly Timid

We wish you all a Happy holiday season. On today’s episode, Jon talks about what he saw during his graduation (it’s smaller than a bread box) and praises the restaurant Urban Crust. Also, Jill, Jon, and Diane take an online quiz that is supposed to guess your generation and discuss the retrial of Billy the Kid and debate healthcare. The gang later discuss how one man has been cured of AIDS and share their Christmas plans.

Today’s featured song is “All You Do is Crazy” by Fate Lions