Episode 151 : People Be Trippin’



151Happy Secretly Timid Sunday, Y’all! (Or Monday) (Or whenever you choose to read this or hear us).

On this week’s show Harmless is still out of town, Danielle has an allergic reaction to something, Nan decides not to wear deodorant, and Jon feels the need to defend Walking Dead’s Andrea.

This week’s Hot Topics come courtesy of Greg, Alexi, Joe, and Mindy! Yay for them!! The topics discussed include :

skyThis week’s featured song is Featherlight by Skye




This week’s podcast pick of the week is I Can’t Believe I’m a Loser. Check em out!


Episode 99 : Gay Chicken

This week we have a very, very special guest in the cat studio. DANIEL MITCHELL!!! From theI Can’t Believe I’m a Loser podcast. Even though ICBIAL is a Seattle based show,  it just so happens that Daniel is from the DFW area and is in town visiting family. With Diane off being a mother and Danielle off taking photos of Parisian mustaches, the dudes talked about such topics like masturbation techniques, sex toys, and music. Daniel shared a bit about his show and we seriously hope he stops by again next time he is in town. If you haven’t subscribed to their show yet…do it…do it now.

Hot topics for this show includes : a fun quiz that determines your political leanings based on television choices, a middle school student sues her school after they get all shitty with her because she said some shit on her Facebook page (the ACLU has her back), a study finds that those who find phones inevitably snoop through them, and a flight attendant goes crazy on a flight…and no, this story is not from Florida.



This week’s featured song is “Estimate X 3” from the album, Candidate Waltz by Centro-Matic.

* * *