I Have Nevah

On this week’s extra-special episode, Jon and Megs are joined by Lee, the owner of Alexandre’s, a bar in Oak Lawn. Lee is also the co-founder of the Take Back Oak Lawn movement. The trio discuss if there is a pee-pee tape, the latest Trump rape allegation, and the Democratic National Debate.

Photograph: Anna Simonak

This week’s featured song is, “Lying to my Therapist” by Imani Coppola

We Hit All The Holes

On this week’s Secretly Timid, Regina and Jon recall the previous week in the Trump Administration – from the Boys Scouts and Police speeches to firings and hirings…it was a week to be remembered in infamy.

The featured song of the week is a much needed palette cleanser. It is “Just Feels Good” by Imani Coppola 

Interrogate Your Porn Choices

Interrogate your pornWe are back-and we brought a special guest!

On this week’s episode, Brian is late and tipsy, Jon nominates Greg Abbot for all the filibusters, Nan wants you to stop using “female” as a noun, and special guest Ryan Obermeyer is not afraid of a little Ebola. We also have a Danielle update and talk about the Project Runway contest!

This week’s Hot Topics include:

ImaniThis week’s featured song is 30th Birthday (feat. J. Martin Coppola & Pete Miser) by Imani Coppola

Episode 82 : The Scent of a Woman

On today’s show Danielle’s sickness has some interesting symptoms, Jon places in another poker tournament, and Paul’s husband wants a bunny. The trio tramp on The Duggars, The Penn State Scandal, and Christmas. Hot Topics include : Fans do not want Nickleback to perform at their half-time show, and Drinkify pairs your favorite bands with a suitable adult beverage.

This week’s featured song is “Love Will Find Me” by Little Jackie.



***Special Thanks to Dave Biscella and the fine folks at Podcast Squared for reviewing Secretly Timid.  We will thank you orally next week…on the show.

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