Episode 98 : It Fell Out

On the next installment of Secretly Timid Paul ambushes, Jon sings, and Danielle dances. Hot Topics include : Olivia Munn’s phone gets hacked, a MMA fighter with a past in gay porn is on the next season of FX’s Ultimate Fighter,  Andrew Breitbart’s untimely death creates a shit storm of conspiracy theories, and a rear-end collision becomes hilariously ironic. The cast also discuss the latest episode of The Walking Dead and the Game Night Guys debacle of a contest.

This week’s featured song is “Sing Your Own Song” by John Wesley Harding.


* * *

Humpday Funny : Olivia Munn, Meet MC Hammer

photo via complex.com

This is an oldie but a goodie. Ya know, the teleprompter is supposed to be your friend. Still, sometimes these little machines can make even the most hardy of on-air talent stumble. Before Olivie Munn was on Perfect Couples and The Daily Show, she co-hosted G4’s Attack of the Show with Kevin Pereira. Although I wish she never left ATS, I am glad such highlights will exist forever.