Secretly Timid Live from Las Vegas w/Pride 48!!!

pride 48Did you miss our live broadcast on Pride 48??? Don’t worry, we got you covered. On this special episode of Secretly Timid, Jon and Nan are joined by the lovely Christina from Greetings From Nowhere and Brian from the Game Night Guys. It’s like the Avengers Assembled!!! They talked some hot topics and stuff. Get it.

Episode 170 : The Doinger Debate

170What? What!

On this week’s episode, Brian from the Game Night Guys hangs out with Nan and Jon.

This week’s Hot Topics include :


This week’s featured song is “Out Right” by Wild Party.




Episode 147 : Florida Man

147She’s a man, man!

On this week’s Secretly Timid, Brian Gregory from the Game Night Guy’s fills in for Danielle and Nan.

This week’s Hot Topics include :

timthumbThis week’s featured song is Lion Run by Midnight Spin.

Lalasmoke1This week’s podcast pick is “All My Nonsense.” Check it out!!!


Episode 142 : Disgruntled White People


This week’s hot topics include :

midnight magic
This week’s featured song is Walking the Midnight Streets by Midnight Magic


This week’s podcast pick is The Game Night Guys. It’s no secret that Secretly Timid and the Game Night Guys have been flirting with one another from across state lines. Brian and Curtis are most excellent hosts and you would do well to listen in on their shenanigans. It’s your move! Let’s kick this pig!

Episode 98 : It Fell Out

On the next installment of Secretly Timid Paul ambushes, Jon sings, and Danielle dances. Hot Topics include : Olivia Munn’s phone gets hacked, a MMA fighter with a past in gay porn is on the next season of FX’s Ultimate Fighter,  Andrew Breitbart’s untimely death creates a shit storm of conspiracy theories, and a rear-end collision becomes hilariously ironic. The cast also discuss the latest episode of The Walking Dead and the Game Night Guys debacle of a contest.

This week’s featured song is “Sing Your Own Song” by John Wesley Harding.


* * *