On this week’s show, Otieno, Jon, Ryan, and Cindy recall 90’s band L7. Otieno likes PJ Harvey’s nose. Everyone’s automobile is working (but Cindy’s water pump is making strange noises.)

This week’s Hot Topics include:

This week’s featured song is “Silver Fox” by Little Beards 

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Episode 91 : Good Bodies

We are halfway through January, y’all! On today’s show, Danielle bares all for photographer Marne Lucas, Jon Attacks the Block, and Paul gets political.

Hot topics include : Ship sinkage, YouTube teabag controversy, Gov. Perry thinks the handling of the marine/YouTube controversy is “over the top,”  a woman was born with 2 vaginas, a FaceBook campaign calls for a bald Barbie, an orchestra conductor stops the show after an audience member’s cell phone rings, and a woman coughs up a tumor.

This week’s featured song is “Stay Awake” by The Globes.


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