Rural Americans

rural americans

On this week’s episode of Secretly Timid, Nan, Brian, and Jon discuss which candidate they will vote for in the Democratic primary.

This week’s Hot Topics include:



photo by Shervin Lainez

This week’s featured song is Not Mine by Anya Marina . Jon loves her new album, Paper Plane


Younger and Hungrier


Fall is here. Halloween is over.

On this week’s Secretly Timid, Jon and Brian talk gambling, prison reform, and Showgirls.

NoiseThis week’s featured song is Shoot the Moon by The Noise Figures


Obviously, sister touching is wrong

Obviously Sister TouchingThis week’s episode of Secretly Timid, Jon and Brian discuss The Duggar controversy, the Waco, Tx biker gang brawl, the Cleveland protests, and a Florida doctor who performs unnecessary procedures.

J FernandezThis week’s featured song is Read My Mind by J Fernandez



Big Problematic


Big Problematic

Once again only Jon and Nan are on the show. But guess what??? That’s a-OK! Nan gives some advice and Jon over-shares.

This week’s Hot Topics include:


This week’s featured song is Somewhere’s Sunshine by Aan



No one Likes a Bossy Bottom


bossy bottom


It’s Secretly Timid Sunday! Danielle is back!

This week’s Hot Topics include:

Amy RayThese week’s featured song is Oyster and Pearl by Amy Ray


Episode 91 : Good Bodies

We are halfway through January, y’all! On today’s show, Danielle bares all for photographer Marne Lucas, Jon Attacks the Block, and Paul gets political.

Hot topics include : Ship sinkage, YouTube teabag controversy, Gov. Perry thinks the handling of the marine/YouTube controversy is “over the top,”  a woman was born with 2 vaginas, a FaceBook campaign calls for a bald Barbie, an orchestra conductor stops the show after an audience member’s cell phone rings, and a woman coughs up a tumor.

This week’s featured song is “Stay Awake” by The Globes.


* * *

Episode 83 : Guess What’s for Dinner

Happy Thanksgiving to our fellow Americans!!! And a big “whaddup” to listener’s outside the U.S.

On today’s super-sized show the cast reflect on Dave Biscella’s awesome review of Secretly Timid for Episode 73 of  Podcast Squared, and play Voice Mail’s from Big C from Bear Crawling Live and Christina from Greetings from Nowhere. Later, the cast talk about lady gabfesty shows like The View, The Chew, and The Talk. Jon and Paul share numerology and zodiac mojo jojo and Danielle is on steroids. The cast also talk about The Walking Dead and American Horror…but the talk is pretty light on the spoilers- so fear not!

Hot topics include : Teens + Tampons + Vodka = ingenious or demented? Real-life weekend at Bernie’s man claims innocence, some German ladies are arrested for stomping mice on fetish films, and a woman is arrested for trespassing all ’cause she wanted to feed some squirrels.

*** Super Special Notes!!!

Check out Dave’s Twilight themed ‘toon here.

If you are in the DFW area and wanna play some free poker, head over to the Brick at 3:00 p.m. and participate in a charity poker tournament benefiting the AIDS interfaith network. Both Jon and Diane will be in attendance, so say hi! Click here for more information.


JON DOES NOT REALLY THINK ALL SCORPIOS ARE DRUG-ADDICTED SLUTS!!! (but all drug-addicted sluts seem to be Scorpios)

This week’s featured song is “Don’t Move” by Phantogram.


* * *

Evening Bender : The Fourth Ace Poker Club

Jon welcomes Tim, Gregg, and Danny from The Fourth Ace Poker Club into the cat studio for a fun Evening Bender. The quartet talk about the origins the Dallas’ finest card room, shared stories about bad beats, and discussed the possibility or organizing a charity tournament in the near future. Click here if you are interested in learning more about The Fourth Ace Poker Club.

Episode 40 : Trentasize!!

This show is truly a comedy of errors. Paul turns into a robot and is unceremoniously cut off by the Skype Gods.  Jon talks poker/Jill yawns/Diane blinks. The trio sans robot discuss over-sharing in private settings, home school vs. public schooling your children, and Jill’s new big girl bed. News stories include  a college student who paid for his tuition with one dollar bills,  Gucci Mane’s hot new ink, and Starbuck’s new trenta size.

(Post Show Script – Jon unkinked the kinks. It is amazing what 8 bucks and a conversation with the hot guy at Radio Shack can do!)

The featured song for today’s episode is “Dirty Thing” by Telekinesis.

Episode 37 : Top Picks 2010

The cast discuss their top pics for 2010. They are (drum roll in your head)


Jill : Thrift Store Cowboys “Bright Fire”

Diane : The Weepies “I Was Made for Sunny Days”

Paul : The Cast of Glee “Teenage Dream”

Jon : Janelle Monae “Tightrope”

Danielle : The National “Bloodbuzz Ohio”


Jill : Winter’s Bone

Diane : Winter’s Bone / Taking Chance

Paul : The Concert

Jon : Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World

Danielle : Kick-Ass


Jill : Teen Mom

Diane : Parenthood

Paul : Doctor Who (Series 5)

Jon : The Walking Dead

Danielle : Teen Mom


Jill : George W. Bush “Decision Points”

Diane : Nicole Krauss “Great House”

Paul : Alonso Duralde “Have Yourself a Movie Little Christmas”

Jon : Philip Caputo “A Rumor of War”

Danielle : Christopher Moore “Bite Me” / Patrick Suskind “Perfume: The Story of a Murderer”

News Story

Jill : Joran van der Sloot

Diane : Wiki Leaks

Paul : Earthquake in Haiti

Jon : DADT Repeal / BP Oil Spill

Danielle : Mining Accident in Chile and New Zealand

The featured song for today’s episode is “All We Ask” by Grizzly Bear